open source is an ideology

###Extracts From a software about-me page

MyAwesomeSauce is created by @me and open-sourced on Github

Our library has been open-sourced and served under the GPL License v2 to facilitate ease of use among developers

Seriously? Are you trying to market your creation or genuinely serving the interests of the open source community

From Ben Balter:

To say “hey, we’ve got something decent here, let’s take this closed-sourced project and just hit publish” misses the mark. Your motivation can’t be to seek free labor, as in “hey, if developers want to give us their time, great, let’s put this out there and see what happens we have nothing to lose”, or about sporadically seeking to garner good will from a niche community of dedicated fans. Trust me, an open source developer can smell astroturf a mile a way, and that’s exactly how far they’ll stay.

Open source is a philosophy, not something that you get to choose between waterfall, agile or open source (if there is such a thing). Its not about the code you write but rather, the procedure and democracy of how that code was written, reviewed and published.

So save yourself the trouble to say something to be open-source when you actually mean it in terms of the processes and the people involved. Don’t get trapped in the danger zone :-)