making sense of vacations geek style


Summer time and any geek knows that sitting at home means doing something to increase your productivity levels is a good thing. So here is something that I plan/have done.

  • Learn a new language - Whether it’s a programming or simply Arabic, Japanese or Mandarin one must keep up the brain lobes working
  • Travel on a road trip - Some people call road trips boring but I think it gives you the freedom to try out different stuff, stop on the road, do something, hop back on
  • Go to a museum - How many times do you actually goto historically significant places? Vacations give you time that you must use
  • Join a Gym - No matter what body shape you are in, keeping yourself fit and sharp does not come easy. Vacations are the apt time to build this habit. Do regular workouts and warmups if you are not planning to join a gym.
  • Cook some dishes - Vacations are the best time to get into the kitchen and start experimenting, something we never really find a time to do

Well so far I am good on the first 3, need to gradually pickup the rest. And my vacation is running out.